About Us

Dorado's Purpose, Vision, and Values

Creating enduring prosperity through connecting capital, people, and ideas.

Our vision

Dorado was established in 2009 by Tim Moore, Peter Packer, and Thomas McClung. Having spent years in the property and finance industries, the founders recognised the need for development finance and investment that steps outside the ‘one size fits all’ approach of major banks and offers tailored funding for property developers across Australia. From first mortgage and subordinated debt, through to structured equity and direct asset investment, Dorado provides funding for any stage of the project lifecycle, whilst offering solutions to business owners and protecting ecosystems in Australia.

Our vision is to be an Australian leader in property and investment, renowned for our track record, culture, integrity, expertise, and innovative solutions. We empower financial freedom, connecting capital, people, and ideas to deliver exceptional outcomes for all stakeholders.


Values and Purpose

Dorado’s purpose is creating enduring prosperity through the provision of innovative debt, equity, and partnership solutions nationwide. Backed by our core values, our firm is proud of its proven track record of successfully delivering across all facets, creating value for property developers, unlocking potential for tenants and business owners and protecting Australia’s unique ecosystems. Dorado Property has a strong emphasis on creating an enjoyable workplace for all staff and enabling them to fulfill their potential, which will be apparent in any dealings you have with our personable team.


Australia’s property industry can be complex, but Dorado’s approach is not. We pride ourselves on our open and clear approach. We will endeavour to understand complexity and simplify it. We have built our reputation on setting realistic expectations for our clients and delivering upon our promises.


Professionalism for Dorado means treating others in the industry with respect and striving for a professional experience for all stakeholders. Taking complete ownership for our processes and outcomes through our diligent approach, we focus on consistently delivering high-quality advice, sound judgement and demonstrating a conservative level of risk.


Dorado prides itself on responding quickly to our client’s needs and market changes, allowing us to be creative in developing solutions for our clients and adopt new technologies. By remaining agile, we can leverage opportunities as quickly as they arise.


We aim to take a collaborative approach with all our stakeholder engagements, from working closely as a project team, to alignment across our national presence and taking a partnering approach with our clients.


We value our expertise and knowledge, and as an organisation, we share it. Dorado undertakes thorough research and learning in any field it operates in to ensure we can base decisions on sound logic and understanding.

Our People

There are 88 named constellations in the night sky. One of those is the Dorado constellation. We use this symbol as part of our vision; our team is the epitome of diversity in background and experience. Our people don’t pursue standing out as the one shining star in the sky; instead, they want to be part of a constellation of shining stars.


With our roots in small, multi-family business, Dorado recognises that people sit at the heart of everything we do. Drawing inspiration from our purpose to create enduring prosperity for all, we pride ourselves on using our team’s unique skills and specialisations to give back to local organisations that are committed to making lasting community change.

CASE STUDY – Micro-Cafe Employing Homeless or At-Risk Perth Resident

Micro-Cafe Employing Homeless or At-Risk Perth Residents


GROUND+CO is an initiative of The Underground Collaborative, a social enterprise cafe in Perth that exists to break the cycles of homelessness through employment, education and training. Dorado lent the skills of its team to help to build the Ground + Co digital presence via a new website in the lead up to the cafe’s launch in 2019.

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CASE STUDY – Outdoor Movie Night For Bushfire Relief

Outdoor Movie Night For Bushfire Relief

Summer X Salt's SALTY NIGHTS

In the wake of Australia’s devastating 2019 bushfires, Dorado contributed to Summer X Salt’s SALTY NIGHTS outdoor movie night as a sponsor, and by lending our team as volunteers on the night. All funds raised from the event were donated to Greening Australia and Wild2Free to aid the planting of trees in bushfire affected areas and the running of a rehabilitation wildlife sanctuary in New South Wales.

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CASE STUDY -Proud Sponsor of Summer X Salt Markets

Proud Sponsor of Summer X Salt Markets

Summer X Salt

Social enterprise Summer X Salt have been building their award winning sustainable summer markets in Perth since 2016, promoting local, conscious creatives, artisans and small businesses specifically interested in ocean sustainability.

Over the past two years, Dorado has proudly sponsored these markets, with our contributions going towards making the market as eco-friendly as possible with the installation of a Free Filtered Water Station that allows market-goers to fill up their reusable water bottles for free, and by helping the markets plant 400 native Australian trees to become a carbon positive marketplace.

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CASE STUDY – Carbon Offsetting Our Travel Through Plant Trees Australia

Carbon Offsetting Our Travel Through Plant Trees Australia

Plant Trees Australia

Plant Trees Australia is Australia’s first online planting hub, developed as an initiative of Carbon Positive Australia. It enables all participants in community planting to gather in one place, and provides investment in projects in disinvested and highly cleared suburbs, to help tackle the heat issues caused by climate change.

After calculating our carbon footprint resulting from travel throughout the year, Dorado donated the equivalent cost of offsetting this footprint to support the development of the Plant Trees Australia platform.

Carbon Positive Australia is an Australian charity that has restored over 5,000 ha of land with over 6.5 million trees and captured almost 650,000 tonnes of carbon, working with landholders, communities and organisations. They empower all Australians to take positive climate action.

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